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Which aspects should I choose when buying a mini roller?

At present, in the domestic market, there are more and more brands and models of small rollers, the price difference is large, and the quality of products is also uneven, which makes the correct selection of small rollers more difficult. In fact, when we buy a small roller, we should make a reasonable purchase based on the construction situation, and comprehensively analyze it from many aspects, and finally weigh the suitability of the product. So, what should be considered? Now, let Xiaobian answer it for everyone.

Which aspects should I choose when buying a mini roller?-Rippa China

Small rollers can be comprehensively selected from the following 3 aspects:

1. Choose according to construction compliance requirements

The static roller compactor is based on its own quality. It expresses its compaction ability in terms of linear load, rolling times and compaction speed on the relative layer thickness. The compaction thickness does not exceed 25cm, and the rolling speed is 2~4km/h. It is necessary to compact 8-10 times to meet the requirements, while the vibratory roller uses the impact force generated by the high-frequency vibration of the vibrating wheel to act on the soil, forcing the internal particle arrangement of the soil to change, so that small particles can penetrate into the pores of large particles. So as to achieve compaction results.

The compaction thickness of vibratory rollers can reach 50-60cm due to the large excitation force, and the compaction thickness of some heavy-duty vibratory rollers above 20t can even exceed 1m, and the compaction speed is 4-6km/h. The compactness required by the standard can be achieved by pressing 4 to 6 times, and the construction compliance is 2 to 3 times that of the static roller compactor. In order to effectively improve the construction progress, some areas with long high and cold time and short construction season should consider choosing vibratory rollers.

2. Choose according to soil structure

Under normal circumstances, the tire-driven single-drum vibratory roller is suitable for compacting non-sticky materials such as gravel, crushed stone, sand-gravel mixture, sandy soil, etc.; the double-drum vibratory roller is suitable for compacting asphalt concrete and sand-gravel mixture And dry hard cement concrete, is a general construction equipment for high-grade highways, municipal roads, parking lots and industrial sites. The two-wheel smooth-wheel static roller compactor is suitable for compacting fine soil particles, sand, sand and gravel mixtures and asphalt concrete materials; the three-wheel smooth-wheel static roller compactor has a heavier weight and has an “iron” effect on the road surface, which can make the roadbed And the asphalt pavement is smooth and flat, so it is suitable for the final compaction of various viscous and non-sticky materials; the bump vibratory roller can generate extremely high linear loads during vibratory compaction, which can not only compact non-sticky soil, but also is particularly suitable for compaction Cohesive soil is an ideal equipment for foundation compaction in highways, mine roads and large dams.

The tire roller compacts the paving material with its special inflatable smooth tire. The unique flexibility of the tire roller cannot be replaced by a rigid roller. When in use, the best compaction results can be obtained by adjusting the ground pressure of the tire, which is suitable for compacting viscous and non-sticky materials in construction and road engineering such as asphalt concrete, sand-gravel mixture, various stable soils and cement concrete.

3. Choose according to the construction process

In order to improve the construction quality and compliance, after paving the roadbed, a vibratory roller is used for initial compaction, then a tire roller is used for central compaction, and finally a smooth wheel roller is used for final smoothing and compaction. Construction units with poor conditions or low road grade requirements can also choose one type of roller to complete all the construction procedures, but the keyword optimization should be meticulous. If static roller rollers are used, multiple rollers must be used to achieve The compactness required by the standard; if the tire-driven single-steel-wheel vibratory roller is selected, the final road surface finishing should be reversed and not vibrated, so that the smooth wheel is rolled behind to avoid tire indentation on the road.

Have you learned how to purchase small rollers reasonably? For more information, please continue to follow us!

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