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Wheel excavator with wood Grabber

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Wheel excavator with wood Grabber-Rippa China


Wheel excavator with wood Grabber-Rippa China


It is widely used in plain area and on hills. It moves steadily and quickly, so it can
be used for the construction sites which need to move within a short distance, urban building, road
maintenance, sugarcane picking and greening.


  • The whole electrical system is controlled centrally with high reliability.
  • Intelligent monitoring system with real-time monitoring, automatic alarm function.
  • Optimised cab design with ergonomic seats, full covered interior, wide view.
  • The use of weighted front and rear drive axles, gearboxes, to provide higher load-carrying capacity.
  • It adopts parallel cooling installation mode, easy to clean installation and disassembly, and has high cooling efficiency.


Yangdong engine / Pilot multiplex valve / Variable piston pump / U.S.A Eaton motor / Engineering cylinder, built-in american parker seal / Adjustable dozer / CST tyre / Adjustable driver’s seat / Standard bucket / Hydraulic lock / Cab / Escape hammer / Portable fire extinguisher / Audio / Fan


Hammer / Ripper / Log grapple / Rake / Auger drill / Large bucket / Mud Bucket / Air Conditioning


Applicable to demolition,level the site, foundation excavation,handling material,loading transport,digging ditchesbackfill.assarting.Hoisting and other working condition


Total weight 8500kg
Total length 6442mm
Total width 2060mm
Total height 2785mm
Max. digging radius 6563mm
Max. digging depth 4660mm
Max. digging height 6680mm
Max. dumping height 4998mm
Min. ground clearance 318mm
Engine brand Yang Dong/Xin chai
Engine model YD4CZ80C1
Output power 48kw
Walking speed 0-35km/h
Climbing angle 35°

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Wheel excavator with wood Grabber-Rippa China

Wheel excavator with wood Grabber-Rippa ChinaWheel excavator with wood Grabber-Rippa ChinaWheel excavator with wood Grabber-Rippa China

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Wheel excavator with wood Grabber-Rippa China

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Wheel excavator with wood Grabber-Rippa China

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