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Problems in using crawler transporter

The crawler truck can be said to be a good helper for the liberation of labor. Its appearance has brought many economic benefits to farmers and friends. It can be said that people are the leader in getting rich. In order to enable you to further understand and use the equipment, the following summarizes some for you Let’s take a closer look at the operating system device usage matters.

Problems in using crawler transporter-Rippa China

Main points of maintenance of the operating system of the crawler transporter:

One is to pay attention to safety: If you need to lift the car, check the car chassis or check and maintain the hydraulic system, you must use the support rod to reliably support it to ensure the safety of the maintenance personnel. The second is that the working oil of the hydraulic system must be kept clean: the necessary conditions for the normal operation of hydraulic system components are guaranteed by the cleanliness of the working oil. Under normal use conditions, the working oil can be replaced once a year. When changing oil or adding new oil, it must be filtered through a filter; also pay attention to the closing of the fuel tank cover to prevent dust, dirt, and moisture from entering the fuel tank.

Problems that should be paid attention to in the system device of the crawler transporter    The correct way to repair and maintain the crawler transporter:

The maintenance of the crawler transporter includes: checking whether all the screws and nuts of the entire vehicle are firm, whether the control performance is good, whether the tires need to be replaced, whether the mechanical system is in good condition, whether the battery capacity is up to standard, and the brush motor is repaired once a year. The specific maintenance content is as follows:

1. Whether the battery box of the crawler transporter shakes;

2. Adjust the front and rear rims for users, and fully inflate the tires;

3. Carry out key inspections on front and rear axles, middle axles and front forks;

4. Whether the flywheel is flexible, and apply the oil properly;

5. Tighten all the bolts of the crawler transporter once, and apply anti-rust liquid appropriately;

6. Instruct users of daily use and maintenance experience;

7. Keep the crawler truck clean and clean.

8. The entire vehicle is fully debugged, and the electrical control circuit is checked for hidden troubles. If necessary, it should be eliminated on the spot;

9. Adjust the front and rear brakes to ensure that the brakes are flexible and reliable;

10. Whether the steering of the crawler transporter is reliable, whether there is a phenomenon of mutual sliding between the handlebar and the front fork;

11. Whether the battery socket is loose, whether the battery box lock is working, whether the horn, headlight switch, and buttons are flexible and reliable;

The above information is hoped to be helpful to crawler truck drivers.

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