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What is the impact of overloading small excavators?

If the working load of a small excavator is too large, it is conceivable that not only will the machine be damaged, but also problems will definitely occur, which greatly reduces the service life of the small excavator. Small excavator manufacturers will introduce to you the reasons why the working load of small excavators cannot be overvalued.

What is the impact of overloading small excavators?-Rippa China

   The size and nature of the working load of a small excavator have an important influence on the loss process of the machine.

   Generally speaking, the wear of small excavator parts increases in proportion to the increase in load. When the load on the part is higher than the average design load, its wear will increase, resulting in various accidents during work. Under the same conditions, stable load has less wear than dynamic load, fewer failures, and lower life.

   Compared with the engine working under unstable load and stable load, the wear of the cylinder will increase a lot. Small excavators believe that the engine working under normal load has a low failure rate, so the service life of small excavators is much longer than normal. The amount of mechanical wear that is often subject to large-scale load changes is greater than that of small excavators that work continuously and stably.

   The above is enough to prove that under the premise of overloading workload, small excavators will not only damage equipment parts and increase failure accidents, but also reduce the service life of the equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to the working load not exceeding value.

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