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Solutions and steps for hydraulic oil pollution

Everyone knows the power source of the crawler truck! The use of hydraulic system is very important! To ensure the normal and reliable operation of the hydraulic system, hydraulic oil pollution must be controlled. How to solve the hydraulic oil pollution problem of crawler trucks? Next, please follow the editor to learn the following content, I hope you will gain something!

Solutions and steps for hydraulic oil pollution-Rippa China

First, control the working temperature of hydraulic oil:

Excessive working temperature of hydraulic oil is detrimental to the working components of the hydraulic system, and will accelerate the oxidation of the hydraulic oil. Generally, the working temperature of the hydraulic system of a crawler truck should be controlled below 65℃, and the working temperature of the hydraulic system should be controlled below 80℃. Controlling the working temperature of the hydraulic oil is mainly to control the performance of the cooler of the hydraulic system, the reasonable control of the hydraulic oil volume of the entire hydraulic system, and the control of the load and speed of the hydraulic system components.

Secondly, components and systems are cleaned during processing and assembly:

In the processing and manufacturing of the components of the crawler transporter, each process must be purified and removed from the residual pollutants in the processing; the components must be cleaned before assembly, and strict cleaning and inspection must be carried out after assembly; the fuel tank and pipes are deburring After the contaminants such as welding slag, etc., pickling is required to remove the surface oxides; the newly installed hydraulic system is cyclically flushed, and samples are taken from the system for analysis at regular intervals, and cyclically flushed until the system cleanliness meets the requirements.

Again, regularly check and replace the hydraulic oil:

During the use of the hydraulic oil of the crawler transporter, the intrusion of pollutants will have a negative impact on the hydraulic system. To effectively control the pollution of the hydraulic oil, the seals and joints must be inspected and treated regularly, and the hydraulic system Check and analyze the hydraulic oil, and replace the hydraulic oil regularly.

Finally, use the online monitoring technology of hydraulic oil pollution:

The hydraulic oil pollution degree online monitoring is adopted on the crawler transporter, which can monitor the quality of the hydraulic oil during use at any time, and can promptly and accurately display the pollution level and the corresponding reason through the display, even if the staff does not observe the display. In case, when the pollution degree reaches the corresponding level, the alarm device will also carry out a graded alarm to ensure the good performance and quality of the hydraulic oil in use of the construction machinery.

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