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Excavator maintenance tips

As an important construction machinery, excavator can be seen in many projects. Good maintenance of excavator can not only prolong the service life of excavator, but also reduce its wear and improve work efficiency. Today, I’d like to share with you the tips of excavator maintenance

When the excavator stops working, check whether the parts are loose, whether the gears of the parts are occluded and lubricated, and whether the bearings, power devices, reducer, crawler, control system, bucket teeth and other parts are worn

Excavator maintenance tips-Rippa China

Check the water tank, oil tank and simple maintenance tools before excavator operation

Pay attention to the maintenance of air filter element

During the operation of the excavator, pay attention to the operation of each motor, mechanical tradition and control system brake system, and deal with the problems in time

Excavator maintenance tips-Rippa China

The mechanical parts and electrical parts of the excavator shall be kept clean, and no foreign matters shall enter

Excavator maintenance tips-Rippa China

Before adding fuel to excavator, it is necessary to precipitate, filter and keep lubricating oil path clean to prevent impurities from entering Check the lubrication system and keep the oil circuit smooth

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