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Advantages of crawler transporter?

With the continuous development of agricultural science and technology, some new transportation machinery have been invented, and the crawler truck is one of the new products.

Advantages of crawler transporter?-Rippa China

As we all know, some traditional transport machinery, such as tractors, agricultural vehicles, etc., are widely used, and tracked transport vehicles are still relatively new to many farmers. The emergence of crawler conveyors mainly uses high-horsepower diesel power, and the gearbox is also front-mounted. Not only the carrying capacity is enhanced, but the stability of the body is also greatly improved. In addition, the crawler conveyor is also very convenient to maintain, and its service life is greatly improved.

Crawler transport vehicles use crawlers as wheels, which have a larger contact area with the ground than traditional wheeled walking. During operation, it can effectively reduce the pressure per unit area of ​​the crawler and the ground, thereby greatly reducing the damage to the ground. This makes it not only suitable for harsh road conditions such as mountains, swamps, sand, and snow, but also very suitable for environments with high soil quality requirements such as orchards and fields.

“In general, crawler transport vehicles have obvious advantages. First, it has the characteristics of strong horsepower and low fuel consumption, which greatly expands its market area. Secondly, because the gearbox adopts infinitely variable speed, the chassis is front-mounted, so the center of gravity is more Stable. In addition, although the performance is stronger, it is extremely convenient in operation and adjustment, and very flexible in steering. In addition, the crawler transporter has more advantages in design. In the case of the same tire size, it is in deeper mud pits and pools. And better adapt to various complex road conditions. These all determine its unlimited prospects.

In summary, it is due to its excellent characteristics:

First, the crawler tractor with simple structure and smooth transmission is easy to operate and smart for many friends in the agricultural industry.

Second, it can adapt to various harsh road conditions.

Third, due to its system design, the actual fuel consumption is very low.

Fourth, the power is strong, whether it is uphill or similar environments, it is relatively easy. Fifth, it is very flexible and easy to operate.

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