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Classification of tracked transport vehicles

When it comes to tracked machines, it is easy for everyone to think of tanks, the main battle weapon of World War II, which can be driven anywhere, but now in the peaceful era, tracked harvesters can be seen everywhere. Because crawler trucks can adapt to walking on complex road sections and reduce labor, crawler trucks have gradually emerged in recent years, especially in East Asia and Southeast Asia. For fruit cultivation in East Asia and Southeast Asia, crawler transportation has become an indispensable tool for them. The transportation provides convenience for moving fruits in the fruit forest. At present, the places where crawler transport vehicles are needed in China are generally mining areas, and they are still high-horsepower and high-load.

Classification of tracked transport vehicles-Rippa China

Do you know the classification of crawler transport vehicles? Below, the manufacturer of the crawler transporter will introduce to you.

1. Car crawler transport vehicle

There are many manufacturers, and there are dozens of product models, with low ground pressure, and can drive on paddy fields, slopes, wet and soft ground, forests and other roads. This series also has a crawler truck with hydraulic lifting brackets, which can lift the box and then tilt and unload the cargo for easy stacking. In addition, it can be transformed into a fertilizer spreader or a rice harvester site with a crawler transport vehicle.

2. Hand-held crawler transport vehicle

The current production volume is small and the variety is small. It is mainly used for short-distance transportation of feed, fertilizer, fruits, flowers and food boxes, etc. It is more mobile and flexible, convenient and practical.

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