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6 ton china small excavator

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6 ton china small excavator-Rippa China


It is used for earthwork excavation, loading, leveling, slope finishing, hoisting, breaking, demolish, and ditch excavation. Also, it is able to work for mining, or places with severe working conditions. It has the following characteristics: low production cost, less investment, and powerful outdoor operation.


  • Adopt advanced constant power variable plunger pump.
  • Adopt wet multi-disc brakes, with buffer control, smooth operation and braking.
  • Adopting pure imported parts from South Korea, the working curve of valve stem matches the hydraulic valve.
  • Engineering cylinders, America Parker sealing ring, comes with a buffer device.
  • 16MN steel plates were used and each bushing was quenched and tempered.


Yanmar engine / Plot multiplexer / Doosan hydraulic variable plunger pump / U.S.A Eaton motor / Engineering cylinder, built-in america parker seal / Adjustable dozer / Steel crawler / Air conditioner / Adjustable driver’s seat /
Standard bucket / Hydraulic lock / Cab / Escape hammer / Portable fire extinguisher / Audio


Hammer / Ripper / Log grapple / Rake / Auger drill / Large bucket / Mud Bucket / Air Conditioning


Applicable to indoor demolition, toilet upgrading,engineering forcible entry,excavate barren hills,small earthwork, municipal projects,break concrete,dredging river and other working environment.

6 ton china small excavator-Rippa China

6 ton china small excavator-Rippa China

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6 ton china small excavator-Rippa China

6 ton china small excavator-Rippa China

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6 ton china small excavator-Rippa China

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6 ton china small excavator-Rippa China

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