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2 ton mini excavator

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2 ton mini excavator-Rippa China


It is used to restore the ground, break the concrete, and for cable casting, water pipe laying, planting, cleaning of river/ditch and construction project. It has several functions: excavation, breaking, ditch cleaning, drilling,bulldozing and ect.


  • Imported accessories to enhance the overall performance of the machine.
  • signle-forging forming cylinder, not easy to break, built-in NOK seal.
  • Use thicker high-quality steel, apply plastic molding process, prevent rust and anti-corrosion.
  • The use of internationally renowned brand reducers provides smooth operation and high reliability.
  • The 360-degree body rotates freely, and the smart body facilitates outdoor work.


Yanmar / changchai engine / Pilot multiple valve / Pilot control handle / U.S.A Eaton motor/ Import cylinder, tubing with build-in NOK sealing ring / Adjustable dozer blade / Wear-resistant engineering rubber track / Adjustable driver’s seat/Standard bucket / Side sway function / Hydraulic lock


Hammer / Ripper / Log grapple / Rake / Auger drill / Large bucket / Closed cab / Mud bucket


Applicable to indoor demolition, toilet upgrading,engineering forcible entry,excavate barren hills,small earthwork,-municipal projects,break concrete,dredging river and other working environment.

2 ton mini excavator-Rippa China

2 ton mini excavator-Rippa China

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2 ton mini excavator-Rippa China

2 ton mini excavator-Rippa China2 ton mini excavator-Rippa China2 ton mini excavator-Rippa China

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2 ton mini excavator-Rippa China

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2 ton mini excavator-Rippa China

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